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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

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Gerrard’s is a family run business established in 1975.

We use the most powerful and sophisticated Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems in the world, the mighty Hydra Master Titans 575 and 875 which develop up to twenty times more cleaning power than conventional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines. All that extra power translates to a deeper, long lasting clean, that is dry in hours not days.

When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your home – we do not cut corners.

Upon arrival at your home our fully trained and uniformed technicians will survey the work and discuss in detail your requirements.

We move and replace most items of furniture (except heavy items like bookcases, display cabinets, wardrobes, beds or electrical items such as televisions or computers)

Where appropriate we place protective films under any items which may bleed dyes into the carpet.

We then choose the most effective cleaning agent and pre-spray it on the carpet.

We treat all stains and have a wide range of products to deal with most common stains although we do not guarantee complete removal of certain types of stains. Our technicians will discuss this with you in advance.

The carpet is then thoroughly cleaned with our powerful Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System which flushes the dirt from deep down the carpet pile straight into a recovery tank in our van, leaving your carpet thoroughly clean and just damp to the touch.

The carpet is then brushed to reset the pile and all furniture is replaced.


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We realise you may have been disappointed by previous cleaning service providers, or you may have heard about the bad experiences of others at the hands of under equipped, less experienced, unprofessional carpet cleaners; that is why we are dedicated to making sure your next carpet cleaning experience is one that puts a smile on your face. We have built our business on excellent customer service and delivering the very highest quality carpet cleaning services.

We have many thousands of satisfied customers in the domestic, commercial and marine sectors and have been contractors to P&O Cruises and Cunard line for over twenty years.

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Domestic Upholstery Cleaning

To be considered a professional upholstery cleaner, you do not just need the best training and access to the very finest upholstery cleaning materials and technology available anywhere in the world, you also need experience and Gerrards have over forty years’ experience in the cleaning of every kind of upholstery from the exquisite fabrics found aboard super yachts to the fine fabrics that adorn some of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world, to office and restaurant chairs and every conceivable shape and size of suites in your home.


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The trouble is many potential customers buy this service on price and price alone, completely disregarding what they are going to get for their money. Sadly, many find that their fabrics are wet for days afterwards and when they finally dry look no different than before. In short, far from saving money, they have wasted it, thankfully it was the smallest amount of money they could lose simply because they chose the lowest bidder.

Upholstery Cleanign in Wigan, Standish, Coppull, Chorley and around

That does not mean that having your upholstery cleaned is an expensive business, it is not. Gerrards have all the very latest equipment and chemicals and our long experience in the industry means that we can do the work quickly and efficiently whilst working to a far higher specification than our competitors, delivering supreme quality on even the finest of fabrics.

When we arrive to clean your upholstery, this is what we will do:

First, and most importantly of all, we will examine the piece to identify the fabric and fibre type and check its suitability for cleaning and the type of cleaning required.

We will then decide which of our many cleaning agents we will use to clean the upholstery.

Next, identify and pre-treat any stains and marks where possible, but we cannot guarantee to remove stains, especially those that have been tampered with.
If there is any doubt about the effectiveness of cleaning, or the quality of the end result we will clean just one cushion or section of fabric as a test and show you the result.

If it is not what you were hoping for we will pack up and leave and there will be no charge for what we have done.

If required, we may use a variety of gentle agitation techniques to obtain the most effective release of soil prior to the cleaning process. This comes as standard on every job.
We do not charge extra for additional pre-treatments as many other cleaners do. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay, regardless of what we must do to get the required result.

We place drop sheets on your carpet or flooring and then apply a pre-spray to the fabric which loosens the soil and leaves it ready to be flushed out during the cleaning process.

The fabric is now thoroughly cleaned with one of Britain’s most powerful upholstery cleaning systems. This will remove all the loosened soil and apply a neutralising rinse.

We take great care to make sure we clean in all the nooks and crannies because attention to detail is paramount in ensuring a truly professional finish.




Advanced training and experience, and a dedication to offering the highest quality service, conveniently, safely and reliably delivered to your home or business premises. Our high performance hot water extraction systems are water, power & waste self-sufficient. Which translated means that you the customer will get the most thorough cleaning of your upholstery, the shortest of drying times due to the machines powerful suction and no noisy or bulky equipment in your premises – the machine sits outside in the van and when we finish, the extracted waste water that is collected in the vans recovery tank is taken away to be disposed of.

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Gerrard’s hold the nationally recognised Contractors Health & Safety (CHAS) assessment scheme accreditation which provides our customers with the peace of mind that Gerrard’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are committed to the very highest standards of Health & Safety compliance.

Wigan Good Trader Scheme Members & Award WinnersWIGAN COUNCIL GOOD TRADERS SCHEME
We are very proud to be members of the Wigan Council Trading Standards Good Trader Scheme. All member companies are vetted on a regular basis and only retain membership through maintaining the very highest standards in customer service and quality. Gerrards have won this special award in recognition of consistently high standards of customer feedback every year since joining the scheme in 2014.



Many over-the-counter stain removers can set a stain making it much harder or even impossible to remove and sometimes can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibres.
Which is why Gerrards give all our customers a complimentary bottle of our professional stain remover to keep your carpets and upholstery stain free between cleans.
                                                                                Its our way of saying “THANK YOU!”


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